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In November 2016, we're getting the band back together to ride the inaugural Share the Road Tour route from Canberra to Melbourne in order to bring a very strong message to the Victorian state parliament - A Metre Matters and A Metre Matters NOW.


Since the launch of the Amy Gillett Foundation's 'A Metre Matters' campaign on the steps of Parliament House, Canberra, in November, 2009, and our subsequent week-long ride from Canberra to Melbourne, we have experienced a long and successful journey in the pursuit of cycling safety.


South Australia implemented minimum passing distance (MPD) legislation on October 25 2015, which was a fabulous, hard-earned victory for the AGF and for all Australian cyclists.  We are celebrating that the ACT introduced trial MPD measures in November, and that Queensland has had a MPD trial in place since April 2014. In 2015 Tasmania amended its passing legislation.  But, lamentably, here in Victoria, the State Government is dragging its heels on cycling safety and we need to reinvigorate our efforts in order to achieve our goals.


AGF Share The Road Tour 2015 Highlights from Picture Machine on Vimeo.



Amy's Share the Road Tour 2016 provides participants with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to ride alongside current and former cycling professionals in an exclusive six-day event.

Grand Tour and womens Pro Tour riders such as Richie Porte, Koen de Kort, Simon Clarke, Michael Albasini, Brad McGee, Phil Anderson, Steve Hodge, Sara Carrigan, Rachel Neylan and Rochelle Gilmore have lead this unforgettable annual ride, where participants tour like pros with team cars, mechanics, recovery massage, briefings and team dinners!

                          Pro Tour rider Rochelle Gilmore and Olympic Gold Medalist
                              Sara Carrigan during Amy's Share the Road Tour 2014


Amy Gillett Foundation

The Amy Gillett Foundation is a charity with one purpose - reducing the incidence of death and injury of bike riders.

The Foundation was born out of tragedy, the death of Amy Gillett, who was hit and killed by a motorist whilst cycling with her national teammates in Germany. Since the Foundation's inception it has been a catalyst for change, focused on what should be rather than what was.

That's why we have set ambitious aims and outcomes:
Our mission: safe cycling in Australia
Our vision: zero bike rider fatalities

By taking part in Amy's Share the Road Tour 2016, you directly support our work towards achieving our mission and realising our vision.



A milestone we achieved with your support

In April 2014, Queensland became the first Australian state or territory to introduce minimum overtaking distance legislation, significantly improving bike rider safety on the roads. Since that time South Australia, ACT, Tasmania and most recently New South Wales have introduced minimum passing distance legislation.

The Amy Gillett Foundation's a metre matters campaign has spearheaded the national effort for state and territory governments to implement minimum passing distance laws.

Support from Amy's Share the Road Tour 2016 will enable the Foundation to continue its push to have the legislation implemented nationally. Read more here.

The Queensland Government introduced the Stay Wider of the Rider educational campaign to support the legislation, watch the video below.





AGF App & Subaru Tracker - Scan the QR code below

If you haven't done so already, scan the QR code below, or search Amy Gillett in your App Store to download the AGF App to be kept in touch with the latest information from the Foundation including updates relating to registrations opening for Amy's Gran Fondo 2016.

The AGF App also allows you to keep up to date with messages, directions to key event locations including safety briefings & bus stops, access sponsor discounts and more.






Amy's Share the Road Tour 2016
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